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Work with opening book.    Create new book.

To work with opening books in Kvetka one needs the "Analysis" plugin. You need to install it before you can do anything written here. The plugin is incorporated in Kvetka's installation file, so quite probably you already have it.

To start with, let's open the existing opening book. That is easy:

  1. Open the "Opening book" window. You do it in the same way as for other auxiliary windows. Just select the "View" menu item.

    Note that you can do the same by pressing F11 hotkey.

  2. At the moment the window is empty. To load an opening book open the menu (click on the button with the flower) and select the item "Load...".

  3. Now we just need to choose our favorite opening book in the standard dialog window and that's it!

    At the moment Kvetka supports three types of opening books: Chessbase (*.ctg), Polyglot (*.bin) and Kvetka's own format (*.kob).


  • You can load the opening book in the same way as you open any other file. Either select the corresponding main menu item or press Ctrl + O. Then in the field on the bottom of the standard dialog box choose "Opening books" item.
  • After you open the opening book once, it appears in the dropdown list on the bottom of "Opening book" window. Next time you can just select a book from there and it will immediately open.

Now let's see what we can do with the book.