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Main window

"Moves" window | "Games" window

Caption 'Minimize', 'Always on top' and 'Close' buttons Pieces. One can drag them One can click on the empty board space and drag the window Window borders. They can be dragged 'Previous move', 'Next move' buttons 'Previous game', 'Next game' buttons 'Main menu' button 'Turn over the board' button Spare pieces 'Empty the board' and 'Place pieces in a starting position' buttons 'Position options' button 'OK' button

Standard statePlacing the pieces
Main window in the usual state       Main window when the pieces are placed

With main window one can do the following:

  • Keys "Сtrl + Tab", "Ctrl + Shift + Tab" - open the next / previous file from the list of recently opened files.
  • Mouse scrolling up / down - go to the next / previous position in a game.
  • Left mouse button click - hide all auxiliary windows. Anoher click returns them back.
  • "Ctrl"+ middle mouse button click - leave the chessboard only on the screen. Another click returns everything back.
  • "Shift" + middle mouse button click - leave the chessboard in place of the main window. Other auxiliary windows remain unchanged.
  • "Left arrow", "Right arrow" keys - go to the next / previous position in a game.
  • "PgUp", "PgDown" - move to the next / previous game from the list.
  • "Home", "End" - go to the beginning of the game (variant) / the end of the game (variant).
  • "Up arrow", "Down arrow" keys - go to the move from the previous / next line in the list of the "Moves" window.
  • Tab - Move to the different Kvetka's window.

Main window elements

  1. A recommended move together with the position evaluation are shown in the window caption.
    • Double click on the caption stops / continues the engine analysis. If the engine is stopped, the recommended move is displayed in vertical brackets.
    • Click on the caption together with pressed "Ctrl" shows / hides the recommended move in the caption. This does not stop the engine analysis itself.
    • Sometimes you can see three dots instead of the recommended move. It means that either no engine is loaded in Kvetka or the engine has not given any recommendation yet.

  2. System buttons "Minimize", "Always on top" and "Close".

  3. Each piece can be taken by clicking on it. Then one can drag it to any other square and release.

  4. The size of the main window can be changed by dragging window edges or corners.

  5. One can click on the empty squares on the board and then move the window around the screen.

  6. "Next move" and "Previous move" buttons.

  7. "Next game" and "Previous game" buttons.

  8. "Main menu" button.

  9. "Turn over the board" button.

Additional elements which appear during placing figures

  1. By clicking on the piece we choose it. Then we can click on any square of the board to put it there.

  2. "Empty the board" and "Place pieces in a starting position" buttons

  3. "Position options" button.

  4. "OK" button. It finishes placing pieces.