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Example №2

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let's do something more complicated. Consider the annotated game from Carlsen's web page http://www.magnuscarlsenchess.com/annotated_games.php.

Unfortunately there are no links to pgn files here, so Kvetka can not download this game straight away. However there is a universal method to copy the games like this one to kvetka.

  1. First of all let's try to select the text of the whole game, copy it into the clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C and then paste it in Kvetka by pressing Ctrl + V.

  2. As you can see, the first few moves have been succesfully recognised. However Kvetka got the sixth move 6...e5 wrong.

    Kvetka does its best to recognise the game from the plain text. However quite often it misinterprets some parts of it. In our case, for example, it interprets "e5" in the phrase "This seems like a novelty, but it is also a logical one, preventing e5" as a proper move and tries to make it.

  3. Let's fix the problem. First of all remove all incorrect moves. Right click on the sixth move 6...e5 and select "Delete remaining moves" menu item (you can do the same by selecting the move and the pressing Del key).

    Kvetka will firstly ask, whether you really want to remove the rest of the game and then will do the job.

  4. To make the process faster, switch off pasting comments into Kvetka, they are nicer to read from the web page anyway. One can do that in the menu of the "Moves" window.

  5. Let's now proceed more carefully. Copy a small fragment of the game starting from the unrecognised move to the clipboard.

  6. Select "Add moves from clipboard" item from the "Moves" window menu (or press CTRL + Shift + V hotkey).

    The fragment of the game is added to the existing game.

  7. This time the moves are recognised correctly!

    To be honest, the move 9.Qc1 appears in the wrong place inside the variation. Such a small issue is easier to fix manually by methods from the previous example. But the main point is that all moves in the main line are correct.

  8. Repeat the last step several times: select a small portion of the game and paste it to Kvetka. if some moves are recognised incorrectly then remove them. Usually one needs to make 4 - 10 iterations to copy the whole game, depending on the number and complexity of comments and variations.

    An important thing to remember: after selecting "Add moves from clipboard" menu item, Kvetka tries to add the fragment immediately after the currently selected move. Therefore before clicking on this menu item you should select the last move in the main line.

Note: more moves are mentioned in the comment, harder for Kvetka to recognise it correctly. Therefore try to avoid copying comments with many moves in them.

Finally, almost all the steps from this example can be done with hotkeys. Incorrect moves can be deleted by Del key, one can copy and paste fragments with CTRL + C and CTRL + Shift + V. So, after some practising you can copy any game to Kvetka in less than a minute.

In the last example you will see how to copy the games much quicker. Unfortunately, that method only works for certain web portals.