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possible bug or caching problem
(06-01-2018, 01:12 AM)BubblesTheFish Писал(а): Hi,

Working through a pgn, I notice that you cannot edit the pgn and save it.  Says something like "that fen is a starting position, use crtl-H...."  That seems strange behavior.


Also, I would suggest that allowing editing a FEN directly in the PGN file.  I don't see any reason why the fen could not be corrected, the file saved, and the position (or whole pgn file) reloaded.  Seems strange to have to edit the PGN with a different program.

Kvetka does not allow to change "FEN" tag because the game can easily become faulty after changing it. Kvetka can not deal with faulty games and has to delete them.

Perhaps, we can change Kvetka's behaviour a bit, so it checks the whole game after changing the "FEN" tag and approves the change only if the game remains valid.

Цитата:Anyway, the bug or caching problem is that I closed Kvetka.  Edited the PGN file with notepad, saved the file.  (One of the FEN was a mistake, so had to correct it.)

I relaunch Kvetka, open the PGN, and Kvetka is showing the OLD FEN from that position BEFORE I edited and saved the file!  I tried closing and re-opening Kvetka multiple times.  Eventually, the NEW fen showed up.  In fact, after multiple showing the old FEN, when it finally showed the fixed fen, at first the display showed the OLD FEN (which had a bishop where a queen was supposed to be), and a few seconds later the Queen showed up.  But that was after multiple closing and opening of the whole program.

So either some type of strange caching is occurring, or there is a bug somewhere.

That sounds really strange. Kvetka does not store recently opened games anywhere rather than in pgn files. I can only imagine one scenario which could admit a similar behaviour. When closed, Kvetka automatically saves all current games to lastgames.pgn file. It does this to prevent the loss of data. So if one changes lastgames.pgn manually and then reopens Kvetka, it will contain autosaved games and not those saved with Notepad.

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