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Program for chess games analysis

KVETKA – is a tiny and nice program for viewing and analysing chess games. First of all it was created for convenient viewing chess games from Internet.

Kvetka means "flower" in Belarusian language.

Our news

  • Kvetka 4.0.1 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 4.0.1. It is mostly a bugfix release. One of the bugs is quite serious. In some cases it can crash Kvetka after deleting one game from the list of games.

  • Kvetka 4.0 released!

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 4.0. Its interface remains almost unchanged, however internally we have implemented several substantial improvements, especially in "Games" and "Moves" windows. Most important of them are:
    - Working with groups of games. They can be deleted, saved, their tags can be edited altogether and so on.
    - New columns "Plies", "Notation" and "ECO" can be displayed in "Games" window. They are defined by the game itself.
    - New look of comments in "Moves" window. Now they are displayed inline and can contain diagrams.
    - We started adjusting all Kvetka's windows for various resolutions of displays.
    - Other minor changes, improvements and bugfixes.

  • Kvetka 3.30.1 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.30.1. Together with several minor bugfixes we have made several changes which prepare Kvetka to work with new versions of plugins "Navigation" and "Hints on a board". By the way, these plugins are also updated.

  • Kvetka 3.30 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.30. We have made editing of some additional game and position data easier. For example, you can edit almost any text from the list of games by just clicking on it and pressing Ctrl. You can also change an active player at the placing figures stage by clicking on the area above or below the board. In addition, we added the newest, 8th version of Stockfish chess engine to Kvetka. It was recently proved to be the strongest engine in the world.

  • Kvetka 3.29 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.29. The games from one of the biggest online chess databases chess-db.com are now supported. We also slightly improved the recognition of non-standard pgn files and fixed various bugs. One of them could potentially crash Kvetka.

  • Kvetka's tutorial in English

    All Kvetka tutorial web pages are now translated into English. At the moment you can access them via this link. Starting from the next version of Kvetka it will also be accessible via its main menu. Since we are not native English speakers, some of the phrases in the tutorial may look a bit awkward, we apologise for that in advance. On the other hand we welcome any corrections from the users, which can be sent to us either via the guestbook or directly to our email.

  • Kvetka 3.28 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.28. Now it supports online games from lichess.org. We decided to support only the finished games from there, because otherwise Kvetka would have become a handy tool for cheaters. Also new hotkeys were added which allow to make any recommended move or variation, not only the main one. Finally, a series of bugfixes has been made, most of them are related with saving huge game bases such that not all the games are stored in the memory.

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Current version:
Kvetka 4.0.1 (released 23.08.2017)

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Main Kvetka's features

  • Occupies the small area on the desktop
  • Uses recent standard UCI
  • Provides the convenient way for copying games from different chess web pages
  • Has user-friendly interface
  • Is free!

Need more features? Feel free to write your review, wishes and bug reports to our guestbook.