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Program for chess games analysis

KVETKA – is a tiny and nice program for viewing and analysing chess games. First of all it was created for convenient viewing chess games from Internet.

Kvetka means "flower" in Belarusian language.

Our news

  • Kvetka 3.28 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.28. Now it supports online games from lichess.org. We decided to support only the finished games from there, because otherwise Kvetka would have become a handy tool for cheaters. Also new hotkeys were added which allow to make any recommended move or variation, not only the main one. Finally, a series of bugfixes has been made, most of them are related with saving huge game bases such that not all the games are stored in the memory.

  • New guestbook

    We created a new more advanced guestbook. Now it has much more features. But what is more important, unlike the previous version, it does not contain irritating ad blocks and it can be viewed in English.
    Look at the new guestbook.

  • Kvetka 3.27.1 released!

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.27.1. It is a bugfix update. It mostly fixes bugs which are related with recently introduced recognition of games from Chess Assistant bases. However one relatively important bug in "Save one game" procedure was also discovered.

  • Kvetka 3.27 released!

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.27. Now it opens chess bases from Chess Assistant, PGN files in UTF-8 encoding and it works much faster with big bases from SCID. Also an indicator of the current player was added and reasonably many other minor changes and bugfixes were implemented.

  • Addressed donations

    Quite often we had to reject your feature requests because adding them would have required a lot of time and we have no enough resources, especially for free. Now we make an experiment which will hopefully solve this issue: we introduce the donations for the particular features. As soon as the required sum is collected we will start implementing the feature immediately. To start with, we have chosen two popular requests: chess gameplay and drawing arrows and marks on the board. If the experiment goes well more features will be added. So, if you want to see some feature in Kvetka, go for it!

  • Kvetka 3.26.1 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.26.1. Now at the position setup phase the right click on the board places the piece of the opposite colour. We also restored the support of online games from chess.com site. Finally we have made several bugfixes and updated the default chess engine to Stockfish 7.

  • Kvetka 3.26 released

    A new version of program is released - Kvetka 3.26. Now it allows to see a general information about the position which includes: opening name, miniboard and difference in the material for both players. To see this information one needs to click the corresponding move in "Moves" window by the middle mouse button. Additionally we improved recognition of online games created with Chessbase and added recognition of online games from modern-chess.com. Finally, several bugfixes have been made in new version.

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Current version:
Kvetka 3.28.1 (released 19.08.2016)

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Main Kvetka's features

  • Occupies the small area on the desktop
  • Uses recent standard UCI
  • Provides the convenient way for copying games from different chess web pages
  • Has user-friendly interface
  • Is free!

Need more features? Feel free to write your review, wishes and bug reports to our guestbook.