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Program for chess games analysis

Download chess program Kvetka 4.1.1

Release date: March 2, 2018

Program installer

  • Everything is installed automatically
  • You do not have to manage plugins, everything is available from the box
  • Multilingual support

Portable version

  • Can be launched from flash drive
  • Do not need administrator privileges
  • Flexible control with help of plugins
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Plugin "Options" – allows to change fonts, board colour scheme and many other Kvetka options.

Plugin "Hints on a board" – It shows the moves recommended by an Engine and highlights the last move. Plugin allows you to easily explore such a move and do it by just one mouse click.

Plugin "Program and plugins updating" – It is used for automatic update of Kvetka and plugins. You can also enable or disable any plugin and change the language of Kvetka and any plugin.

Plugin "Endgame Bases" – When there is not too many pieces on a board it shows the exact game result together with recommended moves from endgame tablebases.
Online Nalimov endgame tablebases are used. They can be found at www.k4it.de.

Plugin "Print and copy" – adds the following posibilities:
- Print the game, diagram or game list.
- Copy the code of game or diagram to the various forums.
- Copy the diagram to clipboard.
Plugin uses Chessimager, a diagram generation tool created by Steve Eddins.

Plugin "Analysis" – Analizes the games and shows the results as a graph or as the comments for the moves. It can also analise the games with help of the opening book. You can investigate what moves are usually made from the current position and which of them are statistically "better". Supported formats: Chessbase (*.ctg), Polyglot (*.bin) and Kvetka's own format.

Plugin "Chess notation" Allows to display a chess game in various chess notations.

Plugin "PGN handling" – Allows to perform various manipulations with game collections in pgn files. It can unite several pgn files in one, split games into groups, filter them by many different criteria, add useful or remove the redundant information from games.

Plugin "Players information" – Helps you to get additional information about players in any game loaded into Kvetka. The range of information is wide: from title, sex and rating to the list of all games played by the player from the online database chess-db.com.

Plugin "Extended engine Output" – displays an additional information about engine search in "Engine" window (such as current search depth, search speed and so on).

Plugin "Windows service" – allows to assign pgn and fen extensions to Kvetka; to add it to the startup and to make the program minimize to tray.

Plugin "Navigation" Provides some additional features for chess game navigation.


Chess pieces from deaffy with gradient filling. Screenshot.

Chess pieces from Jose Luis - screenshot

Another set of chess pieces from Abtm. It is converted from Merida chess font - screenshot.

ECO opening book (in Russian)
Originally taken from http://observer.homestead.com/openings.html.

What are the changes in new version? Find an answer on a page What's new (in Russian).