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Program for chess games analysis

About Kvetka

Kvetka was mainly created for a convenient viewing chess games from web pages like Chessgames, Chessville, Chessbase, etc. Many of them usually provide online tools for viewing games but you can't move the pieces and can't use the engine. So you have to run some chess programs which are usually bulky.

Kvetka's main features

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Uses comparably small area on the screen.
  • Works with all UCI engines for analysing the game. The strongest (as we believe) engine Stockfish supports this format. By the way it is distributed together with Kvetka.
  • It intends for analysing games only. You can't play chess with Kvetka, but we are thinking about it.
  • PGN and FEN support. It also opens such formats as EPD, CBH (from Chessbase) and SI4 (from SCID).
  • You can easily add the games via the clipboard.
  • Recognizes online chess games from such web sites as Chess.com, Chessgames.com, Chessok.com and others (full list).
  • Supports different fonts and encodings that are used by chess sites.
  • Kvetka's functionality can be greately extended with plugins. For example opening book support, hints on a board and games printing availability can be added.
  • It is free!

Need more features? Feel free to write your review, wishes and bug reports to our guestbook.