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Program for chess games analysis

Make a donation!

Kvetka is absolutely free. However if you like it you can support its further development by a donation.

You can also support the implementation of a specific feature in Kvetka. Below is the list of the most popular requests together with the required sums for them. We will start implementing the feature immediately after the corresponding ammount is collected. You can also make your own feature request in our guest book (sorry, it is mostly in Russian). If the request is popular we will add it to the list.

Chess gameplay

It will be a Kvetka plugin which will allow you to play chess with a computer or with another human player. More specifically we plan to implement the following features:

  • Games with a computer opponent;
  • Games between two people as well as between two engines;
  • Computer strength adjustment;
  • Various types of time control;
  • Engine tournaments or any other types of tournaments will not be implemented here yet.
  • Games via network also will not be implemented. Probably we will do that in the next step.

Arrows and marks on the board

Possibility to set arrows and mark certain cells on the chess board after any move in the game. Most probably, these features will be implemented in the plugin "Hints on a board". The process of setting items on the board will look as follows: an additional window will appear where you can select what you want to put on the board. After selecting an item you will be asked to choose cells which need to be connected by an arrow or which need to be marked. The color of arrows and marks will be adjustable. Possibly, there will be several types of marks (crosses, circles, simply colored cells, etc).


Thank you very much!